Day 3: Feeling Good!

I love this song!

Every so often, I get to feeling like I really get it. You know? Like, whoa, I understand life! I’m in harmony with everything around me and nothing can bring me down.

But I know that life is a constant ebb and flow of both good and bad. The law of polarity states you can’t have something without its opposite.

So, fine, I’ll expect that this perfect feeling won’t last forever.

But…I won’t let that get me down either.

What I want to do today is write down WHY I’m so positive. What’s been going on to put me in such a heavenly vibration?

  1. I have control over me. No one can make me do or feel anything. I get to decide what I do and how I spend my time.
  2. I know that other people’s bad attitudes aren’t my problem. They aren’t even their problem, because the ideas that got them to the point of having a bad attitude were chosen – and they can be unchosen. Dude, I know – I’ve certainly had my share of bad attitudes. Again, ebb and flow 🙂
  3. I woke up with a new alarm song 😀 This is my favorite Paul McCartney song and video! I am not a morning person* so it was a huge deal that I not only listened to the alarm play, I spent the 4 minutes rubbing my eyes, opening my windows, and eventually dancing and watching my bedhead hair flop around in the mirror, hahahaha I’m so funny!


*not a morning person? Another paradigm that I can change!

4. All I want to do is study this material that I’m learning in the Bob Proctor Coaching program. I love what I’m learning! That there is no need to be afraid, that everything we need is locked up within us, and that it’s okay to take the time to believe it and reaffirm it, because it’s going to make life so much more rewarding. I was in a bad place before, and I am so grateful that I’ve chosen to get out of there and believe something better. I’m enjoying it so much that every day I get closer to believing, YEAH, I can do this full time! It’s perfect for me! I’m starting to see that my purpose, vision, and goals aren’t just a fantasy. Or rather, they are a fantasy and that’s what’s so exciting about what I’m learning – fantasy can become reality!

Alright, to quote Buzz McCallister, enough of this gooey sh… Show of emotion. Let’s enjoy this day!


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