Day 8: Oh no – I’m a Hater

I thought I was going to write about self-image today, but I’ve been interrupted by a flash of inspiration.

And since you have to roll with inspiration, and not let it get stale, here we go!

It has occurred to me many times in my life that I am often “late to the party” or “slow to get on the bandwagon.” To be honest with you, I always kinda prided myself on this. Either because I thought I was funny (I love thinking I’m funny) or because I roll my eyes at people who want to be trendy. (Now that I’m changing my thinking, I don’t want to roll my eyes at anyone, but we’ll save that for a future blog).

But…am I cool for trying not to be cool?

Here’s a list of things that I resisted at first but eventually grew to love:

  • Friends (the TV show; I scoffed at the show until I actually watched it!)
  • Smashing Pumpkins (thanks to my sister; I didn’t appreciate Billy Corgan’s strange voice until she bought the Adore album)
  • Mariah Carey (who drove me nuts until I was able to see my teenage, lovelorn self in her lyrics, hahaha)
  • Lost (the TV show – I finally gave it a shot when they were in season 4 and I became such a Lostie that I went on the 5 hour tour in Oahu!)
  • karaoke
  • Macs
  • computers in general (I never begged my parents for a computer and I’m pretty sure I was the last in my class to get one)
  • iPhones
  • Hugh Laurie
  • Adele
  • purses (I remember in Jr. High thinking carrying a purse was something I would never do)
  • manicures (until I worked at OPI!)
  • heels (…actually, the jury is still out on this one)

You know what I did when I resisted these things? I scoffed. I rolled my eyes. I thought negative things about them and the people who liked them. I put myself in a negative vibration, AND WORST OF ALL – I subconsciously told myself that if these things weren’t likable, chances are, neither am I.



I’ve cheated myself out of some pretty cool stuff because of my resistance to try new things. I’ve been a hater!  Whoaaa. I didn’t realize. I thought I wasn’t a hater since I liked Hanson when no one else did and therefore everyone else was a hater, not me! (LOL I’m still pretty proud of that).


This is definitely leading to my self-image blog because you know what this means? It means these actions are proof that I think of myself this way. And as a result, I’m missing out. Maybe the bandwagon isn’t so bad. It doesn’t mean I have to love everything that is popular, certainly not! But…I think I should give new things a chance.


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